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Please read this copy of our lawn service agreement.

Lawn Service Agreement


Property Address______________________________________________


1. What your lawn service includes:  mowing all turf areas, trimming all turf areas inaccessible to mower with line trimmer, edging all walkways and driveways, blowing all resulting clippings with a power blower.


Your Service Price: $____________


Frequency of Service: Weekly   Bi-Weekly   Monthly


**Any additional services will be billed separately and at an additional charge.


2. Payment Options:  Payment is due immediately upon service completion. Check or Cash Only.


Where to send payment: 


**Due to rising gas prices and employee expenses, please do not expect me to return to your property just to pick up a payment.


3. Customer Signature________________

(You are agreeing to pay for lawn services provided to you)


Other Important Information:  If at any time you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know immediately and we will try to remedy the issue. If we are unable to remedy the issue to your satisfaction, you are under no obligation to continue using our services. However, payment must be made for any completed services.                                  


Thank you.

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